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How do our remote guests see the livestream?

Each event gets its own custom page.  We will provide you with a unique link that you can share with all your guests.  All the guests need to do is visit page during or after the event to view the livestream.  No special software is needed.

How many people can view the livestream?

As many as you want.  Our system supports unlimited viewers.  We produced broadcasts with tens of thousands of viewers.

There is no wi-fi at the does that work?

We bring our own internet.  Our broadcasts use a “bonded cellular” system, which uses multiple connections all working together to provude quality and reliability regardless of the the location.

My friend can just stream it from their phone...what's the difference?

It’s true, live video streaming is very accesable these days.  However, there is a big difference in the viewing experience between a friend with a phone, and a professional broadcasting company who has live-streamed hundreds of weddings over the last nearly ten years.